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If you thought Facebook was just for sharing pictures of dogs with moustaches, or posting annoying motivational messages about ‘Following your Dream’, think again. It’s also a great place to keep up to date with all the news here at The Tudor Barn, Burnham!

There are loads of pics from every wedding we have here, along with details of the people who made the day super amazing. The florist, the DJ or band, the photographer, the cake-maker, the lighting specialists… If you’re in the middle of planning your wedding then we’re sure you’ll pick up some inspirational ideas. We also have regular posts detailing any offers we have, and news on upcoming events like Wedding Fairs.

It’s all run by Debbie; Barn Manager, Wedding Co-ordinator and all-round Matrimonial Matron! So, if you haven’t already, please ‘like’ us at The Tudor Barn weddings. If you do already follow us, then remember to keep coming back to check what’s new!


The Tudor Barn Team




Wedding Fair at The Tudor Barn, Sunday 16th October

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We’re holding a Wedding Fair here at The Tudor Barn, Burnham, on Sunday 16th October from 11am until 3pm. We’d love you to come along; it’s a great opportunity to see The Tudor Barn in all its glory and get to meet some of our recommended suppliers who could help make your big day just that extra bit special!

There’s our resident DJ, our caterers, some classic wedding cars on display, wonderful vintage decorations, beautiful stationery, a talented photographer, even some delicious wedding cake to sample… Basically, everything you need for some serious wedding inspiration!

You don’t need to book – just show up on the day. If you didn’t know already, our address is The Tudor Barn, Britwell Road, Burnham, Bucks SL1 8DF. We look forward to seeing you!


The Tudor Barn Team

The Tudor Barn – a little history lesson

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As you might have guessed from the name, The Tudor Barn, Burnham, is pretty old. Actually, it’s very old. So we thought it would be a good idea to have a short history lesson on this magnificent building. Now pay attention at the back, and no chewing in class or you’ll see me after school.

With timber beams dating back to 1505, the original barn buildings started life as part of a working farm. It was owned by the Bayley family, and was passed from generation to generation. Then, in 1920 it became a convent, known as ‘The House of Prayer’. The number of nuns in the order slowly declined over time and in 1991 the few remaining moved to smaller premises in Edgware. (You can still visit the nun graveyard beyond the wooded area behind the car park.)

The year before, in 1990, bridge enthusiast Laurie Champniss was looking for suitable premises to convert into a full time Bridge Centre. He received details of a property known as “The House of Prayer”. The possibilities became clear as soon as he entered the barn and soon the buildings had been extensively renovated to high modern standards. The Bridge Club is now located in the original barn, and the derelict building adjoining the barn was rebuilt in similar style; it’s now known as the Garden Room and is where we hold our Civil Ceremonies.

Painstaking care and attention was put into the restoration in order to maintain as much of the original character as possible, but with modern standards of comfort, convenience and ease of access. Indeed, it resulted in a conservation award from the Burnham Society.

And that brings us up to today. Isn’t it lovely to think that a venue steeped in so much rich history is also the place where so many futures begin together?

That’s the lesson over. See you in maths…


The Tudor Barn Team


Meet Debbie, Wedding Coordinator at The Tudor Barn, Burnham

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Debbie blog

Debbie is our Wedding Coordinator, Manager and all-round Superhero. She’s helped to plan the weddings of around 800 couples, and is often called the ‘Wedding Mummy’ or ‘Fairy Godmother’! So what’s her secret? Let’s find out.

How long have your worked at The Tudor Barn, Burnham?
I’ve worked at the Barn for 12 years. I actually first started as a weekend waitress, and worked my way up. Now I’m Manager and Wedding Coordinator. I have so much passion for my job, I have the best job ever! It’s hard work, with long hours, but it’s so rewarding.

What does your job consist of?
I work with couples from the second they book, Emails, phone calls, meetings… I build such an amazing rapport with the couples, then on the day I get to be part of it all. That’s why it’s so nice here at The Tudor Barn. At some venues you don’t normally meet your wedding coordinator until six weeks before the day, then they’re either not present (a duty manager runs it) or they turn up for just a few hours. I’m there from start to finish! I get so emotionally involved and cry every week! I often meet up with past couples for dinner or drinks.

I also love running the Facebook page and get such amazing feed back from it. It’s like Pinterest for the Barn!

Any advice for couples planning their wedding?
I often remind couples this is your day, do what you want to do. You’re only going to do it once so enjoy every minute. If you want to dance all night instead of chatting with guests then do it, you can chat next time you see them. The day goes past so fast so enjoy every second.

And stop stressing over the smallest details, like a bow or a ribbon. On the day you won’t even notice it – and neither will your guests.

Also, there are 365 days in a year, bride and groom, don’t get drunk on this day. Pick from the other 364 days! I’ve helped many a groom or bride into a taxi at the end of the night, the next day to be told “I don’t remember anything after the meal”!

Are there any wedding trends you’ve seen taking off that brides-to-be should know about?
Thanks to the likes of Pinterest there are always new things I’m seeing all the time‎. Every wedding is different and personal to each couple. I’m very honest with couples, if they ask my opinion and I don’t think it will work I will say, I’m always full of ideas and suggestions. ‎I’ve seen a lot of weddings to know what works and what doesn’t.

What’s been the best moment of a wedding here at the barn?
My best moment… There have been so many. Every wedding touches me, and no two weddings are the same. I do remember singing to “Angels” by Robbie Williams with the wedding party at the end of the night and losing my voice for three days as a result! And being asked by a bride to help pick her wedding dress.

My best – but saddest – was a bride last year. She brought the wedding forward five months as she had terminal cancer and wasn’t going to make it to August. It was all very rushed (planned in four days) but with the help of friends, family and the groom we pulled it off. It was the most emotional wedding I’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of. The bride lost her fight to cancer two weeks after the wedding.

Truth is, I’m a hopeless romantic, I believe in happily ever after.

Thanks Debbie, what a lovely post.

The Tudor Barn Team

Marriage Memories

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We’ve had many happy couples celebrating their dream wedding here at The Tudor Barn in Burnham. Couples just like Shouvik & Lecia Gupta. They tied the knot on August 2nd 2015 and enjoyed a wonderful celebration here. We caught up with them recently and asked what they thought of the wedding day, now that the confetti has settled!

We were very pleased with The Tudor Barn for our wedding,” said Shouvik. “Everyone was so helpful and flexible throughout the whole build up and day. It really made the whole process easy. We felt we could enjoy the actual day because everything was sorted out, thanks to the team. The venue was beautiful inside and out, which helped make it such a special day. We had lots of positive feedback about the venue and the staff.”

We asked what attracted them to The Tudor Barn in the first place. “It looks gorgeous,” said Shouvik. “It’s a real slice of history. And we had the whole place to ourselves – we didn’t want a venue where you might meet another wedding. It was ours for the day! We knew it was right when we met the team too.”

Lecia added “Debbie was amazing from day one. She came with a big reputation and it is totally warranted. She was friendly, helpful and always available… also very playful with our 3 year old son who absolutely adores her. Special mention to Jane, from Tudor Catering, who was very accommodating with the catering and lovely generally. It was a perfect day and that is a credit to the Tudor barn, we would highly recommend to any couples looking at venues. Thank you!”

Stop – we’re blushing! We wish you all the best for the future, Mr & Mrs G.


The Tudor Barn Team



Keep track of wedding trends in 2016

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What’s that big, bright orange thing in the sky? Is that the… sun? It’s taken its time but summer is here (well, kind of). And that can only mean one thing. Wedding season! We take a look at some of the trends we could well be seeing this year.

Bespoke Bridesmaids
It was fun, but the days of having one single style for all your bridesmaids may be coming to an end. More and more, brave brides are letting their entourage go with the flow and choose their own dresses, colour and style for your special day. It means every girl is super-comfortable in what they’re wearing – and they can wear the outfit more than once.

But don’t worry about anyone trying to upstage you; they’ll still know who the boss is. Right?

That takes the cake…
Cutting the cake is an important part of the whole wedding experience. Just like coaxing your drunk uncle off the dance floor during the Macarena. But it looks like things are changing…

We’ve seen a boost in couples opting for more cost effective and creative centrepieces. From cupcakes to cheesecake, meringues to macaroons, there are so many alternatives out there. Thing is, will it catch on? The proof is in the pudding.

Foody Favours
Hands up who’s trying to stick to a tight wedding budget? Yup, thought so. A great way to save a few quid – and make your wedding a little more personal – is to give your guests home-cooked wedding favours. Mini pecan pies, homemade fudge, even jars of juicy jam… It shows your guests – and your bank account – that you care.

See you next time!


The Tudor Barn Team

The start of a beautiful friendship at The Tudor Barn, Buckinghamshire

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For my wife and I it was love at first sight at The Tudor Barn, Burnham. Not with each other you understand (although after 15 years of marriage we’ve grown quite fond of each other). No, it was love at first sight when we saw the barn. We fell for its rustic Tudor charm, ideal for weddings. Its timber beams dating back to 1505. The grand mezzanine banquet hall. The beautiful established grounds. The wonderful clock tower. We admired it all, albeit from afar.

Then an opportunity came about for us to take over ownership. We jumped in with both feet, head over heels. And here we are, at The Tudor Barn, Burnham. Making people’s dream weddings come true. That’s a lot of responsibility, make no bones about it. But we’re lucky to have an incredible team behind us. An experienced Wedding Coordinator who is in a league of her own, a catering team who deliver tantalising culinary delights, bar staff who are as friendly as they are efficient, and a behind-the-scenes team who help keep the whole place ticking along and looking great… And us two, who want to offer the best wedding venue in Buckinghamshire and make every occasion as magical as possible.

So like the countless couples who will begin their futures together at The Tudor Barn, we begin ours now. We’d love to have you with us.

Speak soon.

Drew & Tessa
Tudor Barn Weddings Ltd

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