How to choose the right wedding venue, by The Tudor Barn, Burnham.

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There are hundreds of potential wedding venues out there. Probably thousands. From hotels to marquees, barns to village halls! And it can be a confusing process to make sure you pick the best one for you and your needs. But we’re here to help with some (mostly) unbiased Top Tips!

Reflect your personalities
Make sure wherever you choose mirrors what you’re like as a couple. A big hotel may seem grand, but is it a bit soulless and clinical? Choose somewhere as individual as you are. And who will let you tailor it your taste, not theirs!

Remember your guests
Apparently, it’s not just ‘your day’. There are guests to think about too; who knew!? It’s important to remember that people remember the venue, just like they would the speeches, or the wedding cake. A memorable venue with character adds to the guests’ experience of the special day.

Keep your budget in check
Whatever your budget, there’s a wonderful venue waiting for you. But make sure you check the things that may push your budget over the edge. Hotel bar prices can be pretty expensive, for example. Look for somewhere that aligns their prices with pubs. And look out for special offers. Like all businesses that have a product to sell, wedding venues often lower their prices to fill the dates. You could bag a bargain!

Bigger sometimes isn’t better
Imagine the scenario. You’re having an amazing wedding day at a large venue when you pop to the loo, only to find that you’re sharing the mirror with (horror) another bride! Some venues often have multiple weddings on the same day. Most are big enough to cope, but do you want to risk bumping into another wedding party? Or have your guests mingling? Imagine the counselling afterwards! Ask whether you’d have the run of the whole venue and its grounds.

Visit again. And again.
Choosing a venue is a big decision. So make sure you arrange to see it a few times. Some venues offer show rounds (often before an actual wedding) to give couples an idea of ‘how it could look’.


The Tudor Barn Team