How to create the perfect wedding gift list, by The Tudor Barn, Burnham.

It’s traditional that on your wedding day friends and family bring wonderful gifts to help you set up a home.

Unfortunately, it’s also traditional that you’ll no doubt receive four toasters, 16 carving knives and a couple of sleeping bags. But gift lists don’t have to be so disorganised. Here are a few hints and tips:

Take your time
Don’t leave your wedding gift list to the last minute. That’s when all kinds of crazy stuff shows up on there. Matching jumpers? Really? Jot down items during your day-to-day life when you realise you need something.

List gifts of different prices
By listing a few less expensive items to some more dearer things, you’ve catered for everyone’s budgets without them feeling embarrassed.

Include traditional gifts and person items
Yes, of course, put the old favourites like duvet covers and cutlery on the list. They will always be a popular choice for your more elderly guests. But also mix it up with more personal things. You like scuba diving? Why not list a new pair of flippers? You like motor racing? What about a day track experience?

Gifts that grow
Another popular option is offering a more long-term gift that will become more valuable over time. A good, reasonably priced wine, for example, will be worth so much more in several years’ time. And it will be a lovely reminder of your wedding day – especially if it’s opened on your 40th anniversary!

Money talks
Don’t feel awkward about asking for money. You could put it towards a honeymoon fund, or something for the house you haven’t thought of yet. Try to avoid using it to pay for some of the wedding, however. It’s there to create memories! Not to clear debts.

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The Tudor Barn Team