Keep track of wedding trends in 2016


What’s that big, bright orange thing in the sky? Is that the… sun? It’s taken its time but summer is here (well, kind of). And that can only mean one thing. Wedding season! We take a look at some of the trends we could well be seeing this year.

Bespoke Bridesmaids
It was fun, but the days of having one single style for all your bridesmaids may be coming to an end. More and more, brave brides are letting their entourage go with the flow and choose their own dresses, colour and style for your special day. It means every girl is super-comfortable in what they’re wearing – and they can wear the outfit more than once.

But don’t worry about anyone trying to upstage you; they’ll still know who the boss is. Right?

That takes the cake…
Cutting the cake is an important part of the whole wedding experience. Just like coaxing your drunk uncle off the dance floor during the Macarena. But it looks like things are changing…

We’ve seen a boost in couples opting for more cost effective and creative centrepieces. From cupcakes to cheesecake, meringues to macaroons, there are so many alternatives out there. Thing is, will it catch on? The proof is in the pudding.

Foody Favours
Hands up who’s trying to stick to a tight wedding budget? Yup, thought so. A great way to save a few quid – and make your wedding a little more personal – is to give your guests home-cooked wedding favours. Mini pecan pies, homemade fudge, even jars of juicy jam… It shows your guests – and your bank account – that you care.

See you next time!


The Tudor Barn Team