Meet ‘Just Because Cakes’, recommended Wedding Cake supplier to The Tudor Barn, Burnham.


We spent a few minutes chatting to Gordana Stillingfleet, creative force behind Just Because Cakes. She let us in a few of her sponge secrets! We’re delighted to have her as a recommended supplier of The Tudor Barn, Burnham.

How long have you been creating wedding cake masterpieces?
I have been making wedding cakes since 2014, so just over 5 years now.  I have had a huge honour to play a part it many couples’ special day and I am very grateful for that.  

What’s the most unusual request you’ve had?
My most unusual wedding cake is one I made recently for a lovely couple who eloped to Seychelles and then organised an “engagement” party for their friends and family on their return where they revealed their BIG secret. Their cake was seaside themed to reflect their beach wedding and a hot tub topper as they both love hot tubs. The cake was full of little clues about their secret for their families and friends to discover. Absolutely loved creating it! That’s the cake above…

What are popular cake designs/flavours?
My most popular cake design is definitely the semi-naked cake, especially for barn venues.  I have to admit this is also my favourite type of cake to make. It is all about the taste with the semi-naked cakes. Not too sweet and not in danger of drying out, which is always a worry with the “naked” cakes. There is something truly romantic about a semi-naked cakes decorated with gorgeous fresh flowers such as peonies or roses. 

 Flavour preferences have changed somewhat over the past 5 years, but there’s always been one constant: Victoria sponge.  Done well with good quality ingredients this really is the most delicious cake and it is also a safer option for the more traditional wedding guests.

 Salted caramel cake is a firm favourite too, especially with grooms.  Every groom that has tasted the cake insisted on including it in the final cake flavours selection!  

 Rich fruit cakes are definitely a rare request these days. But fresh fruit cakes such as strawberry, raspberry and mango and passion fruit are getting more and more popular. What surprised me the most, when it comes to flavour choices, is that chocolate cake is a real love or hate flavour.  

What changes have you seen in cake design over the years?
It is all about the tall tiers and razor sharp edges these days. Over the years the cake tiers have been getting taller and taller. Standard tier height is 5″ nowadays, this is almost twice the height of wedding cake tiers in the past. Combined with the razor sharp edges, the Holy Grail of every self respecting cake maker, this makes cakes look a lot more refined and elegant. It is also what separates bespoke wedding cakes made by an experienced cake maker from the mass produced store bought cakes. 

Thanks Gordana. Food for thought. Or should that be ‘cake’ for thought. You can meet our recommended Wedding Cake supplier, Just Because Cakes, at The Tudor Barn Wedding Fair, on Sunday October 13th, 11am-3pm. There will also be some delicious cake to sample! See you there… Nom nom.


The Tudor Barn Team