Say goodbye to wedding day nerves by The Tudor Barn, Burnham.

Let’s face it – weddings can be stressful. You’ve spent a lot of money, all your friends and family are together in one place, and you’ve agonised over every last detail for months and months to make everything absolutely perfect.

And then you wake up and suddenly it’s here! There are thousands of things whizzing through your mind and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So how do you keep the nerves from getting the better of you? Here at The Tudor Barn, Burnham, we’ve picked up a few tips over the years from brides and grooms.

Be prepared
Make sure you have all your accessories laid out ready to go. Hang up your dress. Get your shoes out. Slip some tissues somewhere (you might need them!).

Save some time for you
If you practice yoga or meditation, ensure you put 10 minutes aside in the morning for it. It’ll give you a sense of peace and togetherness. Especially useful if you have a tendency to feel anxious. You’ll float through the day on a cushion of calmness!

Bag some serious Zzzzzzs
A good night’s sleep is vital before your big day. Have a long relaxing bath. Spray your pillow with lavender scent. Slip into some fresh pyjamas. Pop on some calming music. And drift off…

Build in extra time
Bad traffic, your hair taking longer than you thought, losing your lipstick, losing your bridesmaid… No matter how much you plan, you never know what might set you back. Just the idea of being late is enough to send some people hurtling into Stressville. Add a few contingency minutes here and there. It’ll make you feel so much more relaxed knowing you have some wiggle room.

Eat healthily
Avoid a stodgy breakfast. If you’re super hungry, stick to fruit, yogurt and granola. They’re packed with energy and goodness. (You can have a full English the day after your wedding!)

A little help from your friends
Surround yourself with positive, calming people. The last thing you need is a jittery friend who stresses out at the slightest thing. You need people who can handle any last-minute panics or little emergencies with humour and efficiency.

Laughter releases tension and anxiety. Hang out with funny people who can use humour to settle any nerves.

Don’t stress the small stuff
You’ve done all you can do. If something doesn’t quite go to plan, then just laugh it off. No one will think back on your wedding day and shake their head in disappointment because you had the wrong napkins.

What also helps you stay calm is knowing you’ve chosen the right venue with the best wedding team to support you. And that’s where The Tudor Barn, Burnham, comes in. And relax…


The Tudor Barn Team