Take a 360 virtual tour at The Tudor Barn, Buckinghamshire.

Here at The Tudor Barn, Buckinghamshire, we’re not going to let something like COVID-19 stop you from experiencing your potential dream wedding venue. We’re proud to be able to launch a 360 virtual tour on this website!

The tour lets you wander from room to room, letting you take in the brightness of our Garden Room (used for civil ceremonies), the elegance of our Banquet Hall (where you’ll have your meal and disco) and the bar area (where you’ll have a small, erm, lemonade…). You can even move through to our Bridal Room, where you can get ready, do your make-up or just spend a few minutes to relax and take everything in. It’s a really great way of getting a feel for the barn.

It’s all been put together by Derek Stillingfleet, a virtual tour whiz. You can check out his brand new website at www.purplevr.co.uk. It’s pretty amazing stuff. And if you recognise Derek’s surname, that’s because he’s the husband of Gordana, our Recommended Cake Supplier. What a talented couple they are!

You’ll find our 360 Virtual Tour under the section THE BARN on this website.


The Tudor Barn Team