Take the Bridezilla Test, by The Tudor Barn, Burnham.

Yes, we know organising a wedding can be super-stressful. But sometimes the happiest day of your life can turn into a living hell for everyone else around you. Think you might be turning into a Bridezilla? Take our test and if you can answer YES to any of these questions, then maybe it’s time for a little de-monstering…

  1. Have you made anyone cry over wedding arrangements?
  2. Do your bridesmaids cower with fear when you’re near?
  3. Do you communicate in growls and grunts, rather than words?
  4. When things don’t go to plan, do you clench your fists and announce that the whole world is against you.
  5. When your partner suggests a wedding idea, do you pretend to listen before saying that it’s already been decided on?
  6. Have you developed scales and pointy yellow fangs?

So how did you get on? The truth is, it’s never too late to bring it back from the brink of Bridezilla. Here are a few tips of how to be serene and not snappy.

Keep some perspective.
A slightly different kind of napkin really doesn’t matter. Remember, things will go wrong. Just take a breath and crack on.

Don’t let it take over your life.
If you’re spending 20 hours a day on Pinterest then you’re heading towards Bridezilla-town. Limit how many boards to look at. And agree with your partner to certain times where there will be no wedding talk – whatsover! Maybe over meal times or walks in the country.

It’s ok to delegate.
Being organised is good, yes, but let other people take on responsibility too. Your bridesmaids, for example, will be excited for your wedding day too. Involve them all! It’ll make them feel so wanted. Likewise, ask your partner’s opinion on certain things. He or she will probably have a few ideas of their own, but they’ve been a little scared to mention them to you.

Just remember, guests want to remember your special day as a happy occasion. And not the time you upset everyone in the days and months before… Grrrrrrr.

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The Tudor Barn Team