Top tips for grooms from The Tudor Barn, Burnham.

Spare a thought for the poor groom. All too often they are the forgotten people of some weddings. Not any more! The Tudor Barn, Burnham, have some top tips for how you can get involved and make the day extra special.

Treat yourself
This is your special day too, so why not treat yourself? Have a proper haircut at a posh salon, get a manicure and enjoy a facial. You can bet your fiancée will be doing exactly the same thing.

Have your say!
Don’t stay quiet and let your partner make all the decisions. If you feel strongly about something, share your feelings. It’s a great way of feeling like you’ve contributed to the day.

Choose wisely
If you’re having a best man, make sure you pick a friend who is responsible, reliable, supportive and mature. Someone who won’t arrange any unsavoury adventures on your Stag Do. And who won’t deliver an x-rated cringey Best Man speech.

Stag Do, or Stag Don’t
Speaking of Stag Dos, don’t be an idiot. Don’t get too drunk. Don’t get into any scrapes. And don’t think it’s a good idea to get up to mischief with a stripper. Have fun – with a small ‘f’. It’s really not worth having your bride-to-be hearing horrible stories about you before your special day.

Short and sweet
Your speech is an important part of the day. But remember, it’s not up to you to be funny (that’s The Best Man’s job) or deliver a speech that’s 45 minutes long (that’s the Father of the Bride’s job). Sure, have a few jokes, but don’t forget the purpose of the speech: thanking the bride’s parents and best man, complimenting your bride, and toasting the bridesmaids. There. That’s all.

Get to the church on time
Or the Registry Office. The point is, plan the transport. Get your Best Man involved. Check for road works and parking. Get there early. Add in extra time for unexpected hiccups. It’s ok for the bride to be a bit late, but not you.

Make a list
The morning of the wedding can be stressful and it’s easy to forget things. Make a checklist a few days before and have it with you on the morning. And yes, make sure you have ‘take wedding rings’ on it.

Sounds obvious, but how many times have you heard tales of grooms fainting at the altar or in the Registry Office? That’s because they probably didn’t eat a big, healthy breakfast. Put some time aside to tuck into some tasty eggs or yummy cereal. It’ll give you energy until your Wedding Breakfast. It’s a long day!

Make some ‘you’ time
Your wedding day will be a non-stop whirlwind of emotions. But whatever you do, take a few minutes out with your bride. Just the two of you. Enjoy a few moments together because it’ll all be over all too quickly.

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The Tudor Barn Team