The Tudor Barn, Burnham, presents ‘Wedding Customs’

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Weddings are full of rituals, traditions and customs. But have you ever wondered where they all came from? Well, here are just a handful of them.

Tying the knot – It’s not just an expression! In some weddings – like Hindu and Egyptian – the bride’s hands were tied to the groom’s to show unity and commitment. Isn’t that sweet?

Wearing white – This wasn’t a ‘thing’ until 1840, when Queen Victoria got married in a white wedding dress. Up until then, brides just wore their best dress.

Carrying the bride across the threshold – Yes, it’s a romantic gesture. And it takes the pain away if your feet are killing after all that dancing. But the real reason is to protect the bride from evil spirits waiting below. Eeek.

Confetti – Traditionally, people didn’t throw little pieces of multi-coloured paper; they threw rice or grain. And it was to encourage fertility. Saucy.

Ring finger – Engagement and wedding rings (and one day a big, fat eternity ring please) are worn on the fourth finger of the left hands. It is thought that the vein in that finger led directly to the heart.

The groom on the right – At the alter the groom is always positioned on the bride’s right side. This was to allow him to have his sword hand free in case it all kicked off with a jealous rival. We haven’t had any of those at The Tudor Barn. Yet.

Buying the bride a new pair of shoes every day forever – This isn’t exactly a traditional custom, but it’s one we’d like to start…


The Tudor Barn Team