The Tudor Barn’s wedding trends for 2018

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We might be only beginning summer 2017, but it’s never too early to look ahead at the wedding trends that will be hitting in 2018. Here are just a handful…

The colour of love
All-white weddings may be overtaken by lively colours. Not just dresses (pretty pastels are set to take centre stage), but elaborate and striking lighting designs and centre pieces. Pink, in particular, will be big. Timeless and elegant, it gives every wedding a vibrant highlight.

A dress to impress
Looking for a dress that makes a statement? We’ve seen a real increase in wedding dresses with capes. We’re not talking superman here, but elegant and sensual designs. They look really stunning. Another hot new trend are bows. Whether it’s a huge, bold bow on the back of the dress or a tiny, subtle detail on the waistline, pretty bows are back in style! We think they look wonderful.

A setting to stun
More and more couples are recognising that the actual wedding venue is as important as the cake, catering or flowers. Whether it’s somewhere with a large plot of land or just a distinct and sophisticated building, couples like a unique venue for their unique love. Did someone say The Tudor Barn?

With this doughnut ring…
Maybe, just maybe, the traditional tiered wedding cake has had its day. But what will takes its place? Here’s an idea… Wedding doughnuts are set to be huge. Stack them up and they look absolutely amazing. Not only that, kids love them too. Plus they’re easy to pick up and eat while you’re dancing (for example!).

So there you go. We hope that gives you something to think about.


The Tudor Barn Team