Wedding Wisdom from Debbie at The Tudor Barn, Burnham


Now I know wedding planning can be stressful to say the least – but it doesn’t have to be! I thought I would offer some words of wisdom to make your special day big on fun, and small on anxiety.

1) Enjoy the planning. You’ll miss it when you can’t do it anymore.
2) Literally everyone, family & friends will argue, fall out, and give you grief at some point. But I promise you faithfully you’ll forget about it on the day!
3) Make a list of 10-15 photos you want taken. Some couples are left disappointed as they don’t get certain photos. If you don’t tell the photographers they won’t know!
4) Make sure you eat the week of your wedding! Most couples get so stressed leading up to the day, running around doing last minutes bits, that they forget to eat. This leaves you feeling under the weather on your wedding day!
5) Get lots of sleep. Yes I know everyone has wedding nightmares… but… make-up artist are not miracle workers and you want to look amazing on your wedding day.
6) Don’t get distracted talking to everyone on the day. Let people come to you. Dance, drink & enjoy every single second! The day goes so fast.
7) It’s normal for a bride to cry while walking down the aisle, shove a tissue down your dress, just in case.
8) Bring flat shoes or flip flops for the evening.
9) Once you do your seating plan,don’t show anyone, Everyone will give there opinion of who they do & don’t want to sit with.
10) Remember it’s your wedding. Be polite, smile but do what you want to do!
11) And remember I’m always here for you. Email, call, text, WhatsApp.. 20 times a day! It’s not a problem. Anything to put your mind at ease. So many brides start their emails with: “…this may sound silly, but…” No, it’s not silly! This is your first wedding (ok some of you maybe a second marriage), so you’re new to this. I want you to enjoy the planning, stress-free. I’m here to help.
The Tudor Barn Team